RW #009: The One Where I Go Prophet

I share ten commandments to writing clear and cohesive sentences. It's a goodie

Hi friend,

I wrote an article this week:

The Ten Commandments of Clear and Cohesive Sentences

If I am a prophet, these are ten commandments from my god, Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace.

Here are the commandments inline:

1. Thou shalt get to the subject quickly.
2. Thou shalt get to the verb and object quickly.
3. Thou shalt make main characters subjects.
4. Thou shalt make important actions verbs.
5. Thou shalt use examples.
6. Thou shalt put old information before new information.
7. Thou shalt put technical terms at the ends of sentences.
8. Thou shalt use strong subject strings within paragraphs.
9. Thou shalt use topic sentences.
10. Thou shalt ignore these commandments when drafting.